Bernard Szajner & Almeeva : Evolution (FR)


Création audio-visuelle - Experimental Electronic




Mythical figure of the underground in the 70’s and 80’s, Bernard Szajner voluntarily retired from the scene in the early 90’s, disgusted by the musical industry. However, the work of the musician you might think of as the “French Brian Eno” remains a reference in electronic music and his peers recognize him as a pioneer of synthetic music. Recently brought back in the news by Carl Craig, who cites him in his top 10 of best albums, his first album Visions Of Dune has been re-issued last May and he gets ready to regain the musical audience in a series of concerts that will bring him to Geneva next November.

Considered a master by the stars of today’s music, this forgotten hero of French electronic music has collaborated with and inspired many artists. Multifaceted creator, Bernard Szajner earned his spurs as a light and visual effects technician for artists such as Magma, Gong, Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Henry and The Who. In the 70’s, he masters the laser technologies as a true pioneer of lightshows that have lit up the psychedelic years. He has also created the laser harp, which has toured the world with Jean-Michel Jarre, who incidentally usurped its paternity. Disillusioned, Bernard Szajner put an end to his musical career in the early 90’s and turned to the visual arts. He remains the author of five visionary and avant-garde electronic music albums, released between 1979 and 1983, the first one of which having been beautifully re-edited this year on the label Agoria.

At Présences Electroniques Geneva, he will present a new musical and visual creation: Evolution, accompanied by Almeeva, the solo project of Gregory Hoepffner (drummer of the band Kid North. Launched during the InFiné workshop in 2013, this singular work, which premiered at the Pompidou Centre in September, shakes the senses of the audience through a frame of audio and visual elements, questioning the man-machine relationship and the technological anchorage of music. A truly unique ultra-sensory experience, even more unprecedented because it will be played on the acousmonium.