Answer Code Request (DE)

Ostgut Ton

Live - Techno




Protégé of Marcel Dettmann, Answer Code Request has in three years established himself as one of the leading artists of the electronic scene of Berlin and as one of the leading figures of the techno movement.

In 2011 he aroused curiosity with his first EP, Subway Into that landed in the trays of the legendary record store Hardwax. The microcosm of techno gets excited, imagining a recognized artist behind the project. But who was behind the mysterious alias? Well, Patrick Gräser! At that time hardly known outside his hometown, he is catapulted the same year following the release of this EP, as a resident of the legendary Berghain. Today, he repeats this masterstroke with Code, his first long format released on the prestigious label Ostgut Ton, offering a relentless and cinematographic techno sound. Against a background of old school aesthetic and melancholy made in Detroit, Answer Code Request constructs heavy frozen atmospheres on innovative rhythms readily borrowed from bass music.

Answer Code Request has this unique capacity to mix styles without falling into the all-styles-together trap. Especially fond of the end sets at the Berghain that can sometimes last for over seven hours, he takes the crowds through novel sound journeys and experiences. The quality of his work is inversely proportional to the number of productions he has released: one can easily imagine him, as a true draftsman, return again and again to the drawing board, until perfection is reached.

The aficionados will already have enjoyed his podcasts and his brilliant performance at the Boiler Room. The audience of Présences Electroniques, meanwhile, will have the chance to dance to the implacable sounds of this little techno prodigy.