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Accidental Records

Live - Experimental Electronic




Unusual and unifying artist, multifaceted musician and genial composer, producer of musical extremes and explorer of new sounds, it’s with joy and clamour that a living legend of electronic music will honour us with his presence at the Forces Motrices Building, the unique Matthew Herbert.

Unconventional and above all always independent-minded, Matthew Herbert has never followed the codes, current fashion or beaten paths. Ignoring borders and altering conventions traditionally associated with the genre, he is one of those artists who have profoundly influenced the minds of both the public and the media, in his relentless pursuit of innovation and experimentation.

At the head and heart of the label Accidental Records he founded in 2000, this jack-of-all-trades and dream-maker has recorded no less than twenty albums under different aliases and produced countless remixes, from Björk to Ennio Morricone, REM to Serge Gainsbourg. Working for the theatre, movies or even television, he gladly partners with bands, performing in places as iconic as prestigious, and there is no one like him to go beyond the real.

More superlatives are needed to describe his story that is still being written, to summarize his work that continues to grow, and to synthesize his whole life philosophy. But what’s certain is that the occasion is unique to revel in one of his performances that are as unique as they are rare, and what’s more in a magical setting.
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