PHILIPPE CARSON (FR) “Turmac” performed by François Bonnet

Performed by François Bonnet

Friday, 27th November 2015 / BFM



Philippe Carson, a French composer born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1936, has been an active member of the Paris-based “Groupe de Recherche Musicale”. Before illness stopped his activities, he produced two classical compositions of the French concrete music of the 60s: Phonologie (1962) and Turmac (1962). Both works are constituted by a unique sound material, vocal for the first one, mechanical (machine noises of a factory in the Netherlands) for the second one; they take up the challenge of reducing handling to a minimum (only through montage for Turmac) and assembling with the greatest clarity.
The sounds of the machines in Turmac are built up in three movements linked together; first it’s the bewitchment of the rhythms and a surge that gradually removes the listener from mechanical reality. Next is a more lively movement, full of contrasts. The third part is a long crescendo in intensity, density and complexity, until a climax is reached. “In this way the sound environment of the workplace is transposed, ennobled, magnified”. (J. Roy)

François Bonnet, artistic director of GRM, plastician-composer and producer for France Musique of the programmes “Tapage Nocturne” and “Electron de Nuit” will have the pleasure of playing Turmac on the Acousmonium Friday, opening the night at the BFM.