Erased Tapes

Saturday, 28 novembre 2015 / Zoo

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ZOO - Usine

A DJ-producer based in London, Ryan Lee West, better known now as Rival Consoles, is a rising star in the current electronic landscape. Sound designer and accomplished producer, spotted by Aphex Twin’s entourage, the Londoner has created his own musical imprint, populated by cosmic atmospheres and polished rhythmic waves, overlaid on stacked textures, that offer themselves to the listener as infinite facets.
Drawing up musical strategy ranges to humanize electronic sounds, the artist brings an emotional charge and organic warmth to synthesized pulses. Quite a universe!

Since 2009, Rival Consoles has released a few EP’s and two remarkable albums that have attracted considerable attention on the Erased Tapes label, the stable that hosts artists such as Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick or Kiasmos. His last maxi, Sonne, released in autumn 2014, stands out from its predecessors by the desire to cover a wider range of musical ideas, and by more organic, coloured and homogenous sounds, which are reminiscent of Jon Hopkins’ productions. Developing his often exuberant ideas at the piano, guitar or violin, Rival Consoles then goes through a reduction process, limiting his analogue equipment, ensuring viscerally vibrating sounds in musical space. A practice that is confirmed in his third opus, Howl that will be released this autumn.

Navigating between Aphex Twin’s eccentricities, Amon Tobin’s precision and a certain German technoid rigour, Rival Consoles’ moving sound mosaics will attain their full scope with Acousmonium’s multicasting system.