The Leaf Label

FRIDAY, 27th November 2015 / BFM



Murcof is a project of the Mexican Fernando Corona, a great musician who worships the sound concept since his childhood. Brought up with 20th century classical music from an early age, fascinated by the pioneers of electro - from Jean-Michel Jarre to Tangerine Dream -, Fernando shapes his musical destiny in his early sound experiments with the band Ehodim before realizing the synthesis of all these universes in the Murcof project, all dressed up in technology, but imbued with a luminous acoustic warmth. And for good reason.

An eminently modern musician, Murcof uses technology as a tool of expression rather than as en end in itself. His original harmonic structures are woven from samples of classical or contemporary works and sessions of recordings performed with real musicians. The pervasiveness of elegiac-tinged instruments, deeply soaked impregnated with electro, celebrates a dark union: of a sound of its own, a spatio-temporal nonsense, and a innovative and stripped-down labyrinth, springing up from Central America, which justifies in itself the invention of the laptop. Fashioning the sound material with an extreme thoroughness, dissecting his writing with an amazing sense of detail and a unique sense of spatialization, Murcof relies on an apparent minimalism to build a music that stirs the soul as much as the spirit.

Five solo albums have been released on the Leaf Label, all critically acclaimed. But Murcof is also and especially the musician of collaborations, counting among his artistic encounters the Royal Astronomer, Talvin Singh, Erik Truffaz, Francesco Tristano, AntVJ, the light-sculptor Flicker and, more recently, the pianist Vanessa Wagner, for a project based on the music of contemporary composers, combined with an electro inspiration.

Truly an invitation to travel, Murcof’s work is traversed by an omnipresent spiritual undercurrent, bestowing his productions with a limitless dimension that will take an unexpected scale on the Acousmonium.