La Langue inconnue et Intervalles bleus performed by François Bonnet

Saturday, 28th Novembrer 2015 / BFM



Besides the most emblematic (Pierre Schaeffer) and the most publicized (Pierre Henry) composers, the history of electro-acoustic music has seen other equally fundamental actors. François Bayle is one of them. Over the course of his 50-year career, this musician has amply contributed to shaping the contours of a musical space that he has continually explored as a composer, and also promoted as director of the “Groupe de Recherche Musicale” (GRM), a position he held from 1966 to 1997. A true sound adventurer, his major contribution may well be the creation of the Acousmonium. Explorer of tactile sounds, surveyor of invisible languages and sensual listening, François Bayle has made acousmatic music known by creating for it numerous works published in the Collection Ina-GRM.

These include La Langue inconnue and Intervalles bleus, both from L’expérience acoustique, a suite of fourteen pieces composed between 1964 and 1972. “It’s the concrete story of a journey, explains the composer, in the material of time… Starting from the concrete begins with the experience of sensation, resisting any idea. (…) La Langue Inconnue: idiom of the extreme, it is both communication between insects and an arithmetic of pulsations; a coded message of extraterrestrials and a trance music. This fever will affect the next piece: Intervalles Bleus.”

For the second opening with works from the GRM repertoire, it’s François Bonnet himself, GRM’s artistic director and composer-plastician, who will have the honour of performing these two works of a composer who defines himself as a “techno symphonist”.