Rough Trade

Friday, 27th November 2015 / BFM



Accomplished composer, producer and artist, Pantha du Prince is certainly still one of the most interesting figures of today’s electronic scene. Hendrik Weber, his true name, is often seen as simply a minimal producer, but he has broken this mould through exploring complex parallel paths and multidisciplinary side roads. The artist himself has best summarized his musical orientation, giving his oeuvre, created over the last ten years in a unique style, the name “digital romanticism”.

Pantha du Prince is the author of three studio albums, right from the start imbued with that particular gloomy and minimal musical ambiance that characterizes his productions. His third opus, Black Noise, a genuine masterwork of inventiveness, released in 2010 on Rough Trade, is regarded as a classic of its genre. Recorded in the Swiss Alps, the album espouses the nature of its environment, anticipating a new style of which he is often considered the father, “sonic house”, a kind of fusion between house, techno, electronica, natural sounds and electro-acoustic psychedelic landscapes. Influenced by the neo-avant-garde electro-acoustic music (;Morton Subotnick, Luigi Nono), Krautrock and deep techno, his productions reach out way beyond the dance floor. This is attested by his affiliation with Rough Trade, the label with a pop-rock aesthetic.

A regular at promising projects, Pantha du Prince has expanded his collaborations, notably with the Norwegian composer Lars Petter Hagen in the project Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory, resulting in the album Elements of Light of 2013, a veritable symphony for machines, glockenspiel and melodic percussion. More recently he collaborated with his long-time friend Scott Mou (one half of the duo Jane, the other half being Panda Bear) and the Norwegian drummer Bendik Hovik Kjeldberg in the unique audiovisual project “Triad”, once more showing his capacity as an artist to go beyond his views of musical performance and techniques of visual, scenographic and musical creation. A capability that will acquire quite another dimension on the Acousmonium, this Friday at the BFM.