Traum, Herzblut, Cocoon

Saturday, 28 Novembre 2015 / Zoo


ZOO - Usine

The translation of nature’s song reproduced in electronic music: it’s in these terms that Dominik Eulberg defines his highly personal music universe. And for good reason. Pure product of the techno generation - his gateway to the modern world -, Dominik Eulberg is primarily a nature lover, who produces with ornithological expertise an inventive and often mesmerizing music, drawing its main source of inspiration from the world of greenery that surrounds him.

Everything is repetition for Dominik Eulberg: the cycle of the seasons as well as an electronic loop; the pulsation coming from inside a club, like that from a mother’s womb… Bird songs and other natural sound effects are all sounds that compose the uncommon musical vocabulary of the German DJ-producer. His organic imprint, precise to the mm, wins over in 2003 the label Traum Schallplatten, stable of notably Extrawelt, which releases a good part of his maxis and his first album, Flora and Fauna. Ranked among the five best albums of the year in Germany by the readers of Groove, Graveline and DE:Bug, the album brings him public recognition in 2004. Repeatedly referenced artist, he was crowned « best newcomer » during the Deutsche Dance Music Awards in 2005 and « best producer » in 2006. Dominik Eulberg is also a peerless remixer, signing impeccable reinterpretations for major artists, such as Hot Chip, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, Nathan Fake or Roman Flügel, that propel him to the club spheres alongside the bests.

A complex and innovative artist, Dominik Eulberg still remains an accessible producer, able to take clubbers on cross roads where the relentless beats interact with melodies as beautiful as birds’ songs. This nocturnal animal will find his place for sure in the Zoo!