Editions Mego

Saturday, 28th November 2015 / BFM

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Let’s enter right into the thick of the things and welcome with open arms two leading authorities in gloomy and captivating music, who will delight us by tackling the Acousmonium this Saturday at the BFM. KTL, a duo composed of Pita (aka Peter Rehberg) and Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))), strives since the early 2000’s to transform metal music by making it more minimalist, monolithic, rough and hypnotic.
The band’s mission is to experiment their music in a new way by pushing the sound system beyond its limits. An unusual experience with assured effect!

The duo, originally formed to create the music for a stage play in 2007, entitled Kindertotenlieder, from Gisèle Vienne and Dennis Cooper, now has a prolific future with no less than five albums. This piece would not only furnish the three letters making up their name, but also write a new common story of these two avant-garde figures. Pita, founder of Mego, and Stephen O’Malley, leader of the famous drone-metal project Sunn O))), have since then opened a world without rules or limits. The former, used to multiple collaborations, received the Prix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics, alongside Christian Fennesz; the latter, guitarist in many drone doom, death/doom and other experimental music bands, has founded with Greg Anderson the Southern Lord Records label. Together they explore the dark corners of an often bruitiste and bleak music, which seems to hesitate between two territories: noisy electronica and contemplative metal. The result can have terrifying effects and leave the audience speechless, so visceral is their music, but it will reveal unsuspected treasures to whom that know how to tame it.

Always on the lookout for innovative sounds, insatiable and demanding explorers, their joint venue is a rare privilege that should not be missed, or you will miss out on a very unique moment! You’ve been warned!