SCR-DS, female:pressure

Friday, 27th November 2015 / Zoo

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ZOO - Usine

Look out! Pioneer and woman of strong character! Electro Indigo could, by herself, make all the colors of the rainbow dance, without limiting herself to the name of her seventh colour, that she galvanizes and electrifies for more than 30 years with all her talent and commitment. For the artist has energy to spare, not only on stage, where she campaigns for the female techno cause since her beginnings. DJ, producer and musician, she also pushes the invective in the field of visual arts and has made a name for herself through clever award-winning sound installations. Her coming to PEG is therefore a big event in the electronic microcosm, at a Zoo that is ready to dance to her magical blue light.

She’s one of those who will stop at nothing and move forward every day. Susanne Kirchmayr, her real name, experiments with a bit of everything in her homeland Austria, before launching out into the music industry in the late ‘80s. As a stay in the techno capital Berlin is an absolute must, she spends several years there to take part in the saga of the Hard Wax label, to finally stand on her own, exploring the entire planet. Able to suspend time, to illustrate space, she stands out as a true explorer of music that she composes and distributes brilliantly. From this beautiful energy is born her indigo:inc label in 2003. She also founds female:pressure, an international database for female artists in the electronic arts, rewarded with an Honourable Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica in 2009. Since then, her art and expertise have received countless awards. Multi-faceted artist, she moves effortlessly from music to audiovisual, in passing curating Vienna’s 2015 Popfest. Respect.

In the world of musical arts, her name undeniably echoes a clever and elegant interpretation of techno and electronic music in general. Her sets, subtle and effective, are known for their variety and depth, that only a complete comprehension of music and the art of DJ can provide. The stargate is now ajar, it’s up to you to let yourself be guided through this exhilarating and captivating techno, that only a few artists are able of delivering.