Saturday, 28th November 2015 / Zoo


ZOO - Usine

He’s Dominik Eulberg’s alter ego, with whom he often shares far more than the turntables. And the reference is not trivial. If Gabriel Ananda’s techno remains deeply rooted in the very classic milestones of the genre, it stands out by an innate sense of melody and hypnosis, a deepness imprinted with a profound personality and dub accents that give his productions their particular colour. Very inspired and inspiring DJ - as recently evidenced with his weekly radio show « Soulful Techno » - Gabriel Ananda is also an accomplished producer and peerless live performer, who doesn’t hesitate to build his own MIDI controllers to harangue the crowds.

Before becoming one of the blue chips of the German techno scene, Gabriel Ananda learned his classic ropes and played Nirvana riffs on his guitar. In 1995, a Sven Väth set definitely propels him into the electro cauldron. That was all it took for the artist to establish himself as a key producer of the mid 2000s in Germany, with tracks like Süssholz (2004) - which got him at the top of the German charts - Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie (2005) or Doppelwhipper (2006), true dance floor bomb, which enshrined him as one of the most important contributors of the techno scene exploding in Cologne. His productions, characterized by an omnipresent melodic sense, have made history at renowned German labels such as Hörspielmusik/Utils, Karmarouge, Trapez/Traum, Ladomat 2000, Treibstoff or Platzhirsch Schallplatten.

Gabriel Ananda knows no stylistic frontier other than his own versatile musical taste. With a ubiquitous dubby spirit, the musician subtly oscillates between house and techno, sprinkling the mixture with acoustic elements that give his productions their own personality. A juicy recipe, when you consider that the DJ-producer has no equal in electrifying crowds and captivate them with his highly effective live sets. We want evidence right now on the Zoo’s stage!