Friday, 27th November 2015 / Zoo

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ZOO - Usine

Ultra Panthère is the electric encounter between two Swiss artists, regulars of the Geneva stages, who share machines since 2014, with a lot of drum machines and modular synthesizers.
The first one, Strb, DJ with dark and violent chords, has already shared the stage with peers such as Karenn, Blawan, Regis, Silent Servant, Function, Rrose, Paula Temple and Luke Slater. Initiator of the Tanz Oder Raus parties in Zurich he organized for two years, he then became resident at the Zoo. Mixing regularly in Geneva clubs, he performs his first live in 2014 at Electron festival, alternating since then live and DJ sets, in the purest techno industrial style.

The second one, Meta08es, a multi-faceted artist, first explored the plastic arts before becoming a DJ at the free parties that he organizes. In 2012 he discovers in sound synthesis the equivalent of colour in the visual arts and begins a series of electro, ambient and noise lives for an audience of connoisseurs. Since 2015 he also organizes concerts of electronic music at the Espace LABO (the Phénomènes lumineux transitoires sessions) and at the Ecurie (Alpha Centauri). After briefly meeting on the dance floors in the late 2000s, Strb and Meta08es got together behind the machines in 2014. They then began a fruitful collaboration under the name Ultra Panthère, an experimental and psychedelic electro-techno project, to discover on the Zoo stage this XXX night.