NICHE By Mimetic (CH) & Sigmasix (CH)

Les Arts Minis

Thursday, 26 Novembrer 2015 / Musée d'art et d'histoire


THURSDAY 26th NOVEMBREr de 18h à 22h

PEG invites itself to Afterwork #3 at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire of Geneva on Thursday November 26 at the opening of the festival, presenting an amazing spatialized audiovisual installation, with sound by composer Mimetic and light by the Geneva collective Sigmasix.

Originally composed for the festival Présences électroniques in Paris and commissioned by the GRM, the sound score has evolved considerably, taking into account the audiovisual and spatio-temporal dimensions of the installation. Optimized for octophonic reproduction and intended for an audience wandering about, the musical installation invites the spectators to move in space, to immerge them in the sound element and to upset their sense of musical space.
The spatial dimension of sound is intensified by the 3D light play developed by Sigmasix; they create a unique universe where the concepts of time and space implode and explode. The objective of Sigmasix’ work on the light through complex control software is to let sound and light interact simultaneously in order to enhance the immersive effect of the piece. Although simple in appearance, this novel use of light is in fact a veritable technical prowess.

Carried by the notion of spatialization, “Niche” is the result of the will to highlight a composition that, while exclusive and out of reach of mass communication, wishes to touch the emotions of a mass public through the use of the basic codes of certain musical niches. This experimentation of a novel artistic genre combines in a unique way a niche music with a multicasting system intended for the public of another niche, in a space that focuses on helping the general public discover alternative experimentations…

The “Niche” installation can be discovered exclusively and with free entry on Thursday November 26 from 6 pm to 10 pm at the Armoury Room of the Musée d’Art et d’histoire of Geneva.

Mimetic and Sigmasix collaborate since 2013. Their first common work, Vertical Surround, was given an advanced showing at the Bâtie festival in Geneva before being shown at the Museum for Contemporary Art of Taiwan. A live version of the project has toured the clubs and festivals (Paléo, Videoex, etc.).